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Seeking counseling can be a scary and confusing time. Though it can also bring a new found feeling of hopefulness. It is my desire to assist you in your pursuit of change.

  • Are you in pain?
    • Experiencing a serious trauma?
    • Being confronted by an old trauma you can no longer ignore?
    • Wondering if you will always be depressed?
    • Scared anxiety will always rule your life?
  • Are you at a crossroads?
    • Facing a serious decision?
    • Can my relationship be saved?
    • How do I deal with my child's problems?
    • Isn't there more to life than this?
    • When are things going to change?
  • Are you unsure what to do about...
    • home
    • work
    • school
    • friends
    • spiritual connection
    • personal growth

Therapy can be a useful tool for getting through a critical point. It can also be much more. That is why I work with you to establish the best course of action to meet your needs; in a safe, warm, and understanding environment.